The items you use most in your home are probably your furniture pieces. You love your broken-in couch, your cozy reclining chair, and your ottoman for resting your feet on at the end of the day. You likely have your carpets and flooring professionally cleaned once a year, but what about your furniture?

Your furniture endures a lot of abuse from pets and children and is often on the bottom of your cleaning list when it should be given more priority. Here are four reasons you should have your furniture professionally cleaned.

Allergen Reduction

Your couches and chairs are safe havens for allergens like pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and dead skin particles. And a simple vacuuming of your furniture won't pull up the allergens that are deep within your cushions. A professional cleaning, however, will involve hot steam that not only removes stains and odors from your furniture's materials but also sucks up allergens that cause respiratory issues and allergic reactions.

Illness Reduction

Since your furniture supports your entire body, you can bet that at any given time you aren't the only living thing sitting on your furniture. Dangerous bacteria that can cause illness, such as E. coli, staph, and salmonella may be on your belongings. Staph in particular can be ever-present in your furniture (and carpeting) because around a quarter of humans carries it on their bodies.

Young children are particularly susceptible to bacteria, which gets tracked in from outdoors or transferred to furniture from carpeting. In fact, carpet can have 4,000 times more bacteria in it than is on the average toilet seat, so there may be a lot of bacteria in your furniture.

You can eliminate much of the bacteria by having your furniture professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Your cleaning specialist can even show you ways to keep your soft surfaces healthier between cleanings.

Upholstery Preservation

Having your furniture professionally cleaned protects your upholstery and keeps it in its best condition longer. When you remove the dirt and grime that make your furniture's fibers stick together, you give your pieces a fresh, full look. A professional cleaning also helps restore furniture materials and their individual fibers to their original condition, possibly extending the life of your treasured furnishings.

Don't forget about your wicker and leather furniture as well: these items can be trickier to clean, but your cleaning professional can make them spic and span for you.

Odor Removal

Long after a stain has been removed with at-home cleaning agents, nasty odors can linger. This is because most cleaning methods take care of surface stains only, allowing bacteria to thrive deep within cushions. Vomit, pet accidents, food stains, and more can do deep damage to furniture, and simply cleaning with common odor-removal agents such as vinegar and baking soda won't solve the problem.

Talk to your furniture specialist about any suspicious odors you are concerned about. A professional can use a steam-cleaning method to remove and kill the bacteria causing the odors and then use chemicals to ensure the smells are gone.

You should have your furniture professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months. If you have pets or small children, you will want to schedule a cleaning a few times a year. For convenience, you may want to have your flooring and furniture cleaned at the same time.

Our expert team at All State Carpet & Tile Care want to look after the safety and cleanliness of your home as much as you do. Schedule with our friendly staff to address your furniture issues and have your chairs, couches, and other pieces professionally cleaned.