Tile Cleaning — Cleaning The Floor Using A Brush in Queen Creek, AZ

Tile floors are durable, resistant to water, and come in a variety of colors and styles that allow you to create a custom look for your home. While the smooth surface of tile allows you to keep dust and allergens down in your home, you must be aware that the floor still requires some level of special care.

Tile and grout are susceptible to stains and damage over time if you neglect to perform the proper maintenance to keep the floor in top condition. You can use these tips to care for the tile and grout in your home so that you always enjoy beautiful floors.

1. Protect It From Furniture Damage

Household furniture is a common cause of damaged tiles. Unfortunately, the constant moving of heavy furniture on tile leaves scuff marks and scratches that collect dirt and leave unsightly marks.

Begin by looking at the underside of each piece of furniture that you keep on the tile. Ideally, you should see a small protective pad on the bottom of each leg that serves as a cushion between the furniture and the tile. If you don’t see a pad or if the pad is worn down, then you can add adhesive felt pads to each chair and table leg to prevent future scratches.

2. Remove Surface Debris Regularly

Debris that accumulates on the surface of the tile can also lead to scratches, and dirt that sits too long or becomes wet can eventually lead to stains on the tile and grout. Use a vacuum or broom to remove surface dirt on a daily basis to prevent it from marring the beauty of the tile.

3. Protect Areas With Heavy Traffic

Tile that is placed in areas of your house that receive heavy traffic is at greater risk for damage. Consider placing a rug on the floor beneath your kitchen table to protect the tile from spills. Then, add waterproof mats in front of wet areas such as sinks. Welcome mats are another way to protect the tile in your home’s entryway.

4. Clean Up Spills Right Away

Stains are often preventable when clean up spills before they have time to soak into the grout. If you notice that a spill has occurred, then simply blot up the liquid. Then, use your usual cleaning method to get as much of the stain-causing agent out before it has time to set.

5. Seal the Grout

The sealant can be placed on the grout to add an extra layer of protection from stains. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions to apply sealant. Ideally, you should arrange for professional tile and grout cleaning before applying the sealant to ensure that the surface is as clean as possible.

6. Use the Proper Mopping Technique

Tile floors should be mopped at least once a week, but you may need to mop more often if your household has heavy traffic that brings in the dirt. Make sure to use a mild detergent that is designed for the type of tile floor in your house.

As you mop, take care to avoid leaving water in the grout lines. Rag-style mops tend to work better than sponge styles for absorbing the water. After you mop, check the grout for any leftover water and dry it using a towel to prevent leaving dirt stains behind.

7. Avoid Using Abrasive Products

You can do more harm than good if you use the wrong cleaning products. Avoid using acid-based cleaning agents such as vinegar because these can break down the grout. You should also avoid using steel wool or other abrasive materials to scrub since these can scratch the surface of the tile and break the grout.

At All State Carpet & Tile Care, we use a combination of high heat and environmentally friendly cleaners to remove stubborn buildup on tile and grout. Give us a call today to keep your floors looking pristine.