5 Tips to Protect Your Carpet From Stains


The carpet in your house is one of the main focal features that you know attracts everyone's attention. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most used surfaces in your house, which means that it is common for dirt and stains to appear that detract from the overall appearance of your home.

In some instances, stains can even pose a health hazard. For instance, pet stains from urine can trigger allergies, and stains from bodily fluids such as vomit could leave bacteria in the fibers of your carpets. For this reason, you need to implement these carpet care strategies that help protect your flooring from stains.

Discourage Eating and Drinking on Carpet

Food and beverage spills are common culprits for carpet stains, and darker beverages such as red wine and coffee tend to be challenging for a person to remove on their own. Try to encourage your family members to eat in areas of your house that contain non-porous flooring materials such as tile.

In instances where you know that people may mingle with drinks in hand, such as at a party, consider providing cups with lids for the kids. You can also choose to serve food and drinks that are less likely to stain such as water or clear sodas.

Use Protective Coverings

High traffic areas of the carpet tend to accumulate stains faster than areas where people rarely walk. Consider adding rugs along main walkways, and you can use a rug beneath the dining room table if this area of the house contains carpet. Although rugs are easier to replace than carpet, keep in mind that you can also have these professionally cleaned to remove stains so that you get more use out of them.

Plastic mats are additional options that you can use to protect your carpet in places where you expect potential spills to occur. For instance, you could place a mat beneath your toddler's high chair or art easel. If you have a home office where you drink coffee or eat lunch at the desk, then consider adding a plastic mat to this area as well. 

Create a Shoe-Swap Area

Arizona is known for its beautiful landscapes, but homeowners are constantly aware of the stain-causing powers of all of that beautiful red dirt. Keep dirt and mud stains away from your carpet by creating a shoe-changing station at the entrances to your home.

Simply add a bench along with a shoe storage area where your family members and houseguests can take off their shoes. For those who are hesitant to go barefoot, consider adding a few pairs of socks or slip-on shoes to encourage people to comply with your house rules.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

Set-in stains are the hardest to remove. Always clean up spills as soon as possible to prevent them from having time to soak into the carpet. If you know that there is a high chance of spills occurring, such as during a party, keep towels nearby so that you can quickly blot up the mess.

Know How to Treat Common Stains

You should always begin cleaning up wet stains by blotting up as much as the liquid as you can. Avoid rubbing the stain since this can work the pigment deeper into the fibers, and use caution with cleaning solutions that may not work with your specific carpet type and color.

Once you have cleaned up what you can of the stain, arrange for professional stain removal services to get the rest out of the carpet without causing damage.

Our team at All State Carpet & Tile Care is experienced with removing every type of stain that can occur on your carpet. Contact us today to restore the beauty of your carpet.