You vacuum regularly, so you don't really need to have your carpet professionally cleaned, right? Well, not quite. While regular vacuuming is important for keeping dust mites and other particles off your carpet, it's no replacement for professional carpet cleaning. Even when you do vacuum regularly, it's important to have your carpets professionally cleaned twice a year, on average. Here's why.

egular Cleaning Extends the Life of Your Carpet
When your carpet fibers become dirty, the gritty dirt creates friction each time you walk over the fibers. Over time, this causes your carpet fibers to fray and appear worn. If you have your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis, you ensure this dirt is removed before it's able to cause such damage. As a result, your carpet will last a lot longer.

Because cleaning is so important for preserving carpets, some manufacturers even require you to have the carpet cleaned at regular intervals in order to keep their warranties valid. Skip a cleaning, and your warranty claim may be rejected. Check the terms of your warranty or call your carpet manufacturer to find out how often your carpet must be cleaned to keep the warranty intact.

Discoloration Is Better Treated Now Than Later
You may not realize how dirty and discolored your carpet has become because the color tends to change slowly over time. But if you move apiece of furniture, it will be pretty obvious that the carpet underneath it is a different, cleaner color. If you wait several years before having the carpet cleaned, temperature and humidity changes will "set in" the discoloration so that even after shampooing, it still looks dirty.

Your Carpet Could Be Harboring Infectious Bacteria
Think about all of the bacteria-laden items that come into contact with your carpet. You probably walk across it with your bare feet or may be even with dirty shoes on. When you drop food on the carpet, bacteria may attack the food particles and then linger in your carpet, and if you have pets, you can bet they've introduced all sorts of infectious organisms to your home. Salmonella and E. coli are both regularly found in carpeting.

Vacuuming is not overly effective at removing infectious bacteria from carpeting, but hot water extraction, the cleaning method used by most carpet cleaning companies, is. Having your carpet cleaned regularly can help reduce your risk of illness and infections. After a carpet cleaning service, you can sit on the floor or walk over it with bare feet without thinking about what lurks in the fibers.

Carpet Cleaning Improves Air Quality
Infectious bacteria are not the only pests found in dirty carpeting. It's also laden with mold spores, pet dander, pollen, and an array of other allergens. You can dust and change your air filters as often as you like, but if your carpet is dirty, you're still going to suffer from indoor allergy symptoms. Asthmatics may notice an increase in asthma attacks when in a home with dirty carpet.

When you have your carpeting professionally cleaned, these allergens are removed not just from the surface but also from deep within the carpet.Vacuuming several times a week will help keep these allergens from re-accumulating too quickly between professional shampooing appointments.

In addition to offering the benefits above, regular carpet cleaning also makes your home look and smell fresher. You can be proud of your clean carpet, showing it off to guests and relaxing on it as you watch TV.

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