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Carpet cleaner removing stain — Professional Carpet Cleaning Gilbert, AZ
If it's been a while since your home or business has been professionally cleaned, contact All State Carpet & Tile Care. You'll be able to appreciate a deeper cleaning and trust our professionals to do all the work.
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Carpet Cleaning is perhaps one of the best ways to refresh and relieve any indoor space. Carpets are the receivers of dirt, soil, and all the harmful bacteria within. A deep carpet cleaning will literally make your room feel lighter and fresher because layers and layers of dirt, dust, and other pathogens are removed from the carpet and the air.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning is our preferred method for most carpets, as it has been proved to be the most efficient method for removing stains and neutralizing odors. Because the steam cleaning process attacks carpet fibers at the roots, it removes stains, as well as harmful and health-aggravating bacteria like dust and dander. As such, those who suffer from respiratory issues like asthma and allergies, are likely to feel immediate relief once your indoor space is cleared of these nasty pathogens.

We use green products only for a number of reasons. Not only are they just as effective as chemical reactions, they run a smaller risk of ruining your property and are perfectly safe for people and pets.

Recommended Time Intervals

The average home benefits from professional carpet cleaning services twice a year. Some homes, however, are dirt and bacteria free and can wait longer, just as some homes with children and pets will be best served with more regular cleanings.

Our Process

  • Vacuum up all loose dirt
  • Pre-treating all high-traffic areas
  • Pre-spot all stains
  • Extract dirt and rinse
  • Brush fibers to leave carpet soft
  • Fast dry area