Stain Removal in East Valley and the Surrounding Areas

Don't wait if you have an embarrassing stain on your carpet. All State Carpet & Tile Care will get stubborn stains out with our environmentally friendly enzymatic products. Once we're done, it will look like the stain was never there in the first place. We can remove any type of stains, including ink, food, beverage, make-up and more.

Avoid using branded carpet spot removers. These products usually cover up the stain, but do not remove it. Within a few weeks or even days, the spot gets worse than it was originally, and end up costing you more than if you just simply called a professional like All State Carpet & Tile Care.

Be sure to test the carpet for color fastness before using any solution. Test in an inconspicuous spot such as in the back corner of a closet. Also, when cleaning, use a blotting motion to remove the stain working from the outside in to prevent spreading the stain. When done, collect the moisture with white paper towels until the carpet is dry (and clean)

Our Process

  • Identify carpet content and type of stain
  • Treat stains with appropriate spotters
  • Steam clean and extract stained areas
  • If necessary, treat carpet padding
  • Fast drying process
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